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Hello everyone, 


My name is Danielle Jones, a little bit about me, I've been a Vero Beach local for 15 years. I'm originally from Buffalo, NY. Go Bills. (if you don't agree that's okay we can still be friends.) I'm dual licensed in Skincare and Massage Therapy and I enjoy working with people and solving problems, especially those that involve the skin       (l know sounds weird right...lol).

 I've recently opened Tropical Breeze Spa right off of Indian River Blvd.

What makes Tropical Breeze Spa different from any other spa that you've been to, is that you'll be receiving specialized care for your skin and body and the best customer experience in town. I'm dedicated to finding the best treatments for your skin and I offer these services for less than what you would pay for anywhere else in town.

Have you ever struggled with bad acne? dry dull skin? or do you just want to age better?

Do you have a fun vacation coming up? or a special event? 


I can help you achieve not only really healthy looking skin but skin that is healthy.  As a bonus I can provide you with expert advice on what you can do to keep your skin GLOWING all year long!

I offer a number of different services to help you relax and reset between long stressful weeks or if you're just in town on a beach town vacation. Whatever, the occasion may be I'm here to help with all your skincare needs!

For more information and to read more about the products I use please refer to our Treatments page. We also offer monthly specials, so keep up with those, by Following us on Facebook, and Instagram. 

I can't wait to meet you, and be a part of your journey to

healthy glowing skin.

Call or send me an email to book your appointment with me today ! 

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